Hops, malt and yeast: Straight from the heart of nature.


Licher beer owes its unmistakable flavour to its quality ingredients, and its traditional recipe that stays true to the German Beer Purity laws.

The brewing process at Licher combines traditional brewing know-how with state-of-the-art technology. This creates a naturally pure flavour that you can taste in every sip of Licher beer.

Loved at its home in the German state of Hesse, the beer is also admired for its refreshing effervescence by beer fans worldwide.

Licher specialty beers – straight from the heart of nature.

The history of the Licher private brewery starts in 1854, when Johann Heinrich Jhring founded a brewery to produce steam style beer in Lich, Germany. Four years later, Christoph Jakob Melchior starts brewing in the neighbouring town of Butzbach. In 1923, the two breweries merged into a single business. This started their joint future together and Licher beers started to develop a reputation amongst beer fans.

Not confined only to the German region of Hesse, exports of Licher are now enjoyed in more than 40 countries worldwide.